A Beginning Writer’s Perspective

I’ve always liked to write. It feels good to start with an idea and watch it change and grow or twist and self-destruct. I write as a creative outlet or to organize my thoughts about a topic. It’s never mattered to me if anyone read the words. So why am I starting a blog? I have lots to share, so why not?

Why Make the Effort?

Some days the words flow almost faster than I can write – I move a pen rapidly across the page, releasing ideas and feelings. When I read the words I’m either surprised at my insight or frustrated by my ineptitude at expressing thoughts coherently. A moment of clarity pleases me, but never the garbled reflections and run-on sentences. Once in awhile I wonder if it’s worth the effort to record my ideas and impulsively formed themes.

Sometimes I approach writing like a hostess planning a party – imagining a theme, considering every detail. I create an invitation list, a menu and a shopping list; then plan the decorations. I create something tangible and hope it will please my guests. But often writing for others feels more like shopping for a stranger, with no idea what that person needs or enjoys.

Writing is Risky

How will my words affect the readers? Will they laugh or cry? Get angry or inspired? Or simply regret the effort of reading my prose?

Words reflect character. If my writing is sloppy, then am I sloppy? If my words are dishonest, then am I dishonest? If my prose is insightful, then am I insightful? Credible? Clever? Inspiring?

Readers deserve my best effort. What do I want that effort to reflect?

  • Integrity?
  • Imagination?
  • Compassion?
  • Joy?
  • Creativity?
  • Accuracy?
  • Truth?
  • Or all of the above?

Will I achieve any of these goals? It’s easy to be misunderstood. Judged unjustly. Labeled wrongly. Risks that all writer’s take.

Writing with Purpose

So why take the risks? My overarching purpose is to glorify God.

  • God the creator of the universe.
  • The One True God.
  • God the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit.
  • Jesus Christ, the Messiah – The way, and the truth and the life.

God provides the motivation and I prayerfully ask for the inspiration. If you join me on this journey, I will praise God.

To God Be the Glory