If Voices Were Colors

Phaleanopsis Orchid ©2012. Anne Monroe Designs. All rights reserved.


On a Sunday evening in 2011, I sat in church waiting for the offering; not the usual pass-the-plate offering of money, but the pure offering of a young girl who loves the Lord and sings from her heart. As she sang, ideas and phrases popped into my mind. I quickly jotted them down on a piece of scrap paper. After a bit of editing I had a simple poem to give Natalie as a thank you for her offering of music.

If Voices Were Colors

If voices were colors yours would be pink,

            so soft and gentle and pretty I think.

You sing each note so clear and bright,

            and phrase each word with care and delight.

Your voice is a gift from our Savior above,

            and singing for Jesus shows Him your love.

For each time you sing of His infinite grace,

            your voice reaches heaven that wonderful place,

Where Jesus is waiting to welcome you home,

            Imagine the colors that sing at His throne.

A few months later, Natalie’s mother told me that the poem encouraged her daughter. I was touched and thankful that I had acted on the prompting of the Holy Spirit to write what came to mind and share the words with the one who inspired them. Natalie still sings in church – her voice now mature – a rich magenta.